Day 1 (Session 1+2) – r3.0 Conference 2023

69,00  excluding VAT

Session One: RESTORATIVE ECONOMICS – Redesigning economies to thrive through regeneration & distribution

To heal the harms wrought by predominant economic systems, we must collectively embrace more just, life-affirming economic systems that have long thrived on the margins. This session, which supports r3.0’s development of the new Regenerative & Distributive Economy Blueprint, invites positive maverick economists to share their vibrant work on re-asserting economies

Session Two: ESSENTIALS FOR SURVIVAL – Indigenous and Majority World voices, Technologies, and Struggles

Indigenous Peoples have cultivated cultures, value systems, and toolsets that have thrived for millennia, sustaining resilience into the present context of competing modernist / colonialist cultures, value systems, and toolsets that are inherently unsustainable and violent. In parallel, peasant farmers and other Majority World communities have similarly cultivated strategies for asserting food sovereignty, self-determination, and collective liberation in the face of the violence and unsustainability of predominant systems. Indigenous and Majority World voices have much wisdom to share in terms of surviving and thriving in the polycrises and systemic collapses increasingly unfolding.


Provocateurs Session 1:

  • Ashish Kothari
  • Hans Stegeman
  • Nwamaka Agbo  
  • Elizabeth Yeampierre

Provocateurs Session 2:

  • Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti 
  • Dr. Lyla June Johnston 
  • Rohan Antony
  • Beverly L. Longid